2020 Annual Banquet
October 24th

Join us for a beautiful, fulfilling evening!

Dinner tickets are on sale now. You won't want to miss our student presentations, exciting opportunities, silent auction or delicious food!


For more information on business ads and large party reservations, please call our office.  

Dinner Table
Community Service

We believe in giving back to our community. We get joy out of seeing the before and after images when we take the time to clean the litter from areas around our city. 

Our school's next date to clean will be August 31st at multiple locations on Allison Hill! To join us in our efforts you can donate gloves, push brooms, leaf bags and carpenter bags. If you'd like to join us in cleaning or by donating please email us at info@twaschool.org




Young Moguls Club

Be sure to check out items sold by our entrepreneurs available in the school's online store! 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for our Community Shop dates so you can stop by our school to shop, support and encourage us!

Dance Department


Our dance department is filled with immense talent! We are excitedly preparing in our technique classes for our first performance. Please check here for more information as exciting details are posted! 

*Save the date for our Winter Show January 30th

Music Recital

Save the Date: May 15th 

Details Coming Soon!


Saxophone on Music Sheet

"All in All"

Image by Rob Laughter

December 5th


Our School Pets

Check back here for regular updates on our school pets as the school year progresses!!!