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TWA Scholarship Fund

Many of our students come from low income households yet desire a well-rounded, enriching education. Individuals may partner with us by making a donation today by calling us or using the button to the right! 

Business Options for Giving

This is truly an amazing opportunity and we are very excited to see how God may use this program to help meet our student's financial needs this year and years to come. Download our handouts for more information! If you'd like to move forward click here. 

Planned Giving

Planned gifts are contributions made as a result of a process to choose the most appropriate gift for the most important purpose in the most advantageous time frame for the donor, the charity, and the donor’s heirs. Gift planning, as this process is often called, is the preparation and design of charitable gifts to maximize benefits for both the donor and the organization.

Endowment Giving

The word “endowment” means simply that your legacy gift will be managed by the Federation of Neighborhood Centers  and invested for the benefit of The Worship Academy School of the Arts (TWA School). The earnings from these investments will be contributed every year and then used by our school to fulfill its mission.

You may create an endowment fund in your name of the name of another. Then each year a gift in the fund’s name will be distributed to TWA School. Legacy gifts take many forms including: 

  • Gifts made in your will or trust; 

  • Gifts that pay you income; 

  • Gifts of life insurance or retirement plan assets



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